Web Development

RDigi House offers all-inclusive website development services for better user experience. A website is the first “person” a customer or a client interacts with. It is also a vital part of a brand’s identity. Website development encompasses selection of themes, fonts, colors, spacing between texts, contrast, images and the list goes on. Several elements come together gracefully to create the face of your company or brand – your website. And we are pretty good at creating user-friendly, SEO-complied websites that add value to your business.

We develop productive e-commerce websites

We offer higher ROI web design and development services that help e-commerce businesses grow revenues manifold. Our team transforms your websites into highly productive online business tools. We also have e-commerce solutions that allow you to have total control over your website.

Building an efficient e-commerce website is a complex process. However, we have a team of experts that knows how to tackle the challenges and to simplify processes creating websites that assure better user experience alongside promising higher revenue generation.

The must haves of web design and development include:

  1. User-friendly and professional web design
  2. All-inclusive search/filter options
  3. Quick-preview feature
  4. Easy navigation throughout the website
  5. Fast loading product catalogue
  6. Utmost online security to protect customers data

What we offer


Every website requires a meticulous content management system. CMS offers seamless operations regarding content updation. We integrate sought-after content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and so on.

Responsive Websites

With the advancements in the technical world, the devices and platforms for digital marketing purposes have been evolving constantly. A responsive website is the best way to get in alignment with the changing platforms.

Website Re-Development

Though not much in the limelight, website re-development holds as much importance as developing a new website. RDigi House will help you restructure your website in a more appealing way and also makes it user-friendly in all aspects of it.

Corporate Websites

We have expertise in developing corporate websites. These websites have a direct impact on your business and we make sure it would be positive, promising, and prominent.  

Ecommerce Sites

We also offer e-commerce website development services including integration of payment gateways and more. Our team can develop highly customized e-commerce websites that have the potential to attract massive footfalls and create a strong bond with customers.

Product Launch and Campaign Microsites

Launching new products online is an opportunity with massive potential to create brand awareness and to reach masses. It creates a sharp impact within no time when done the right way. And you can rely on RDigi House to find the right way for your brand.