Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are no longer virtual places merely built for staying connected to loved ones. These platforms have moved beyond their original identity as places for networking purely for fun purposes. In recent years, social media has been used as a marketing tool to attract footfalls and to build brands and businesses. Companies, regardless of their size, are using different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on to promote their products and services.

One simply cannot overlook the fact that billions of people are using social media and often they make purchases via shopping portal links provided on such platforms. This poses an opportunity for businesses to reach new heights by generating revenue while strengthening the relationship they share with the customers.

RDigi House is eager to help you establish or grow your business’s social media presence. A team of young, social media enthusiastic people will assist you plan a strategy that works with your requirements and expectations from us. Our team studies the social media platform you wish to explore and accordingly a marketing plan is curated. We check with the statistics and do competitor analysis to churn out a marketing strategy that is realistic, result-oriented, and impactful. No exaggeration here! We believe in keeping it real and raw.

What do we do?

Social media apps, especially Facebook, have become the focal point of marketing strategies. Alongside, Instagram popularity is also on the rise. Social media apps pose as the most functional and prominent tools for marketing purposes as they have a potential to reach masses within no time. 

Social Analytics

It helps in understanding the footfalls, impact of a certain post or an activity, the amount of time spent and also the expenses. Social analytics give an insight on how to better the marketing and how to use the resources in order to get maximum benefits and to ensure high ROI.

Community Expansion

We also build community groups across social media platforms to ensure providing a space where people can share their feedback and ask queries. These communities bring people together to create an experience beyond social media space.

Online Reputation Monitoring and Management

We not only promote your website on social media platforms but also monitor how people are reacting to your online presence. This helps us to add more quality to the content being posted, and also to plan more result-oriented marketing strategies.

Social Tracking

We closely monitor every activity happening in your social media circle and submit reports based on our observations. These reports can be submitted weekly, bi-weekly and monthly as per your requirement.

Campaign Development

We develop campaigns targeted to reach targeted masses and create positive ripple. These campaigns are executed in seamless ways.