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Rdigihouse – A Web Portal for Your Digital Marketing Needs

A sound digital marketing strategy is a combination of several planned strategies designed to work in tandem. At Rdigihouse, we specialize in implementing full-scale and holistic marketing solutions resulting in exceptional traffic generation, lead conversations, and audience growth. Rdigihouse can work solely as your exclusive marketing team or as an extension of your existing marketing team, empowering you to achieve your targets and generate fruitful results. 

We develop customized marketing frameworks to meet your business’s objectives through various channels, from social media marketing to web design, graphic designing, content marketing, and more, to drive success through all possible avenues.

Our Digital Marketing Services include the following:

Graphic Designing

Images tell a lot about you. It determines how your audiences perceive your brand and help you attract their attention by developing the proper strategies.

It helps you build your own unique identity

With proper graphic designing plans, we can help you establish your own unique tone, and style, giving you an edge over your competitors. 

It assists your conveying your messages way better than words

Graphic design helps businesses to make a positive and long-lasting impression. This is because you need to get your audience’s attention before conveying a message. For instance, the Nike and apple logo is a perfect examples of how a simple design can make such a huge impression in a person’s mind.

How do we do it differently?

Whether it’s about fashion, music, or even marketing strategies, they must change over time. We at Rdigihouse believe in this ever-changing philosophy. 

Some of the latest graphic designing trends we use:

Smart document sharing 

Instead of sharing a post on LinkedIn or other blog posts directly from your website, Rdigihouse create customized posts with cool graphics and uploads them to multiple platforms with your custom message. 

Creative Instagram stories

Stories are the new content, and visually appealing and graphic-rich content has a higher chance of going viral. 

Creative theme boards on Pinterest

Pinterest community is one of the most active communities worldwide, and you can only succeed by creating visually-alluring designs. Rdigihouse keep your audience engaged with fun-filled and attractive theme boards and draw massive traffic by using relevant hashtags.

Twitter Fleets

Fleets are a new addition similar to IG stories, which opens the door to being more creative and provides a digitally-enriched experience to audiences. We help you attract more attention through creative animated banners, email templates and powerful graphic ads.

Web Design

A well-maintained and designed website is the heart of any business and marketing efforts. 

A proper web design significantly impacts your google ranking, allowing you to reach the No.1 spot faster.

The reliability of your websites is often associated with the reliability of your brand.

A user-friendly website is a key to web traffic.

An effective website helps you collect and track necessary information and contribute to your brand’s success.

A website must evoke positive vibes, helping build a positive perception among your audiences.

What we bring to the table

Following are some of the latest trends we implement in our web designing strategies

Parallax scrolling

Image Source:-

A popular effect to make a section of a webpage more dynamic. People love these wonderful icons with a subtle parallax scroll when one hover over them. This brings the content to life and keeps the audience engaged.

Increase load time and page speed

The load time and speed of your website are the major factors contributing to your SEO ranking and business growth. Studies say people don’t want to wait more than 2 seconds for a page to load.

Animated Cursors are the new best thing

Delighting users with unexpected experiences is our goal. A simple act such as modifying the cursor or using an animated cursor can help with audience engagement.

Smart Content Loading

How many times have you skipped a website due to its infinite scrolling and lazy loading? Well, we don’t want any of that for you.

Rdigihouse has many unique ways to develop smart websites to improve the user experience for all website visitors and increase your conversion rate and ranking.

The browser and Geo-based content 

People often return to their favorite websites to see if they have new content and leave if they see the same old content. Our dynamic content display method rotates contents within and shows customers content based on their past user behavior. 

Social Marketing

A strong social media presence is the most important thing in this digital era. If you are not active on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you are probably missing out on countless business opportunities.

At Rdighouse, we help you leverage the power of social media and graphic design to promote your business by formulating long-term solutions that work.

Some of our result-driven social media marketing strategies include:

  • Creating attractive and relevant Twitter graphics focusing on background and header design
  • Creating a Facebook profile and header design to keep your audience engaged 
  • Developing attractive creatives for social media to create a strong bond between you and your customers
  • Helping you with user-centric landing page design and infographic designs and more

Content Management

Content marketing management is always considered the king in generating organic leads and establishing authority on the internet. Your content strategies can help you get qualified leads and increase sales.

The sad truth is only 10 percent of content actually gets traffic from google. This means 90 percent of the content just stays idle, eating dust.

At Rdigihouse, our motto is to create wholesome, SEO-focused content that ranks on search results. Google and other search engines value contents that are unique, engaging, informative, and plagiarism free.

When you write content for your audiences, you are revealing facts and helping them settle on the right buying decision. In other words, you are simplifying their lives and helping them get a good deal. 

Some of the trending content marketing strategies we use at Rdigihouse:

Rdigihouse provides personalized content that speaks to your audiences at individual levels. This is because the audience’s expectation from a brand has changed, and personalization offers you an edge against your competitors.

Rdigihouse believes in delivering niche content regardless of what industries you belong to. Most companies publish similar content, making it harder to increase organic ranking for specific keywords. We help businesses to bypass this by creating niche content that provides new information without going out of track from your core business.

Voice search is the new normal in the content marketing field. Currently, around 20% of audiences use voice search instead of good’ol typing. This has caused a major power shift in the content world as now we have to write by adapting the way a person speaks naturally. This includes writing complete and full-sentence questions, including longtail keywords in titles and headers, using near me in keywords, and more.

Why Partner With Rdigihouse?

While there are numerous digital marketing agencies, what makes Rdigihouse special is our constant pursuit of excellence. To simplify, Rdigihouse constantly tries to improve itself by staying informed, adopting new methodologies & strategies, and improving our quality of services.

  • Rdigihouse appoints a dedicated team to each of our clients ensuring
  • We have a team of experts with a combined experience of 15+ years
  • We design flexible campaigns tailored to your unique requirements
  • We create marketing campaigns backed by intensive marketing research
  • We divide business goals into small milestones and work inclusively to achieve them
  • We follow a transparent pricing method, which means- no hidden costs
  • We assign a personal manager to each of our clients so that you can approach us directly whenever they want


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