Content Writing

Words are powerful. Words have the power to put life into anything. They give “voice” to your business and a personality to your brand. Many businesses who offer a wide range of high quality products and services often find it difficult to convince the customers to buy from them.

We, RDigi House, have a team of wordsmiths who create wonders with words daily. From digital platforms to print media; from taglines to social media posts; blog posts to lengthy articles; case studies to white papers and beyond. Our wordsmiths understand your business, identify the key points, understand the message clients want to deliver through their website, and create content that communicates with clients audience and convey the message – convincing them to buy the products/services.

Since the inception of RDigi House, we have created content for several businesses. And the enthusiasm has not reduced a bit since then.

Content writing services we offer

Website Content

Our team has expertise generating content for websites – corporate to e-commerce. Our team studies the keywords, brainstorms on structuring the content and delivers a masterpiece. Every single time! We encompass landing pages, website product descriptions, banner ads, press releases, calls to action, metadata etc.

Our content writing team ensures generating website content written in lucid language and free from jargons. We keep it simple yet assure a huge impact. Customers spend little time on one web page for reading the content and then they move to the next. Thus we ensure that the web content writing should be able to promote conversion, crisp, impressive and be able to hold the interest of the customers.

SEO content writing

The world has gone online. Having an online presence is quite essential than ever, whether to build a brand, increase awareness, directly selling products and/or services. Search engines have evolved lately. They play an important role in attracting traffic and potential buyers to e-commerce portals. Search engines utilize their algorithms to decide which websites to show in the top ten search results.

We generate blogs, marketing articles, research articles, newsletters, infographics and everything in between. All written content is thoroughly checked before sending it to the clients to check for any spelling or grammar errors.

Blog writing

Blogs have come a long way from being a humble form of content generation platform often treated for personal use to an important part of business websites and e-commerce portals. Blog writing services offer increased traffic to your website or blog which can be transformed into revenue-generating opportunities. Website content cannot be changed on a daily basis, but blogs can be and it can be done in more creative and interesting ways.

Social media content writing

Every company is seeking a popular place in the digital medium. Effective promotional writing is the only way to make it happen. It also gives a face to the company or the brand through a copy, or an article to boost the company or the brand’s value in the market.

Product Descriptions

We offer product description writing services for e-commerce portals. We also generate packaging content, label content etc.

Brochure Content

Our wordsmiths are skilled in writing brochure content. A brochure content should be precise and creative. Alongside brochure content generation, we also write content for profiles including social media profiles, newsletters, flyers, emailers.

Case Study Content

Not just e-commerce, we develop content for our B2B clients too. We offer explicitly written content for eBooks, how-to-content, executive briefs, case studies, whitepapers etc.

Script Writing

Our wordsmiths offer services such as writing content for explainer video scripts, corporate film scripts, speech scripts etc.

Content editing

Not as hyped as content writing, content editing has its own fan base. It may seem busy, but to enhance the existing content pose as a massive challenge than to generate new content. A content with spelling errors, grammar issues, and disorganized sentence structure can pose a threat to the company’s reputation and also cause financial loss.

We have a separate team of content editors that ensures error-free, impeccable, and easy to understand content. We also assure that the content is edited and re-modified and in alignment with the clients’ vision and requirements.